8. Sep, 2021

Another Cleanup Area of the Garden

Our house is built on the foundations of the old Limedale butter factory and on one level of the grounds is this old water tank. I think at some stage in its history it may have been used as a pool but now the concrete is so deteriorated it wouldn't hold water except for when it rains at certain times of the year. There is an outlet hole at one end to drain it but that can be quite slow when we get a lot of rain. We have tried various ideas to do something with it and the latest has been this sunken garden which works OK over the summer but which ends up with a lot of leaf debris over the winter that needs to be cleared. I can grow quite exotic plants in the base like pony tail palms and bromeliads so that is what I have concentrated on doing over the last few years. It is a bit of a pain to keep clean so I have created some circular steps out of red fire bricks at one end to make it easier to get access to the bottom. I used other bricks to make plinths for some of the plants to be positioned on. My garden is really like a living quilt but one that often changes with the seasons