7. Sep, 2021

Succulent Planter

My sister has a massive succulent collection so I have acquired quite a selection over the years. It always amazes me how plants that are easy to propagate cost so much in the garden centres. I like to have the succulents in collections like this little bowl along the back of the house. We had a major cut back down one of the paths yesterday. Old camellia bushes that had grown into trees and were shading the lawn so much no light had gotten through. Rob cut and I loaded the ute with the branches. It took us three loads to clear the overgrowth but it does look good now. The rain is here again so indoors today. Hopefully getting the white on white quilt together so I can quilt the sashings. I have already broken 2 machine needles because I didn't allow for trimming the squares and some of the bead embellishments were too close to the edge once the squares were trimmed.