3. Sep, 2021

Wonderful Rogues

It always feels good to get this bank under control. At the moment the hellebores are magnificent. I do try to dead head them as the numbers of seedlings that come up even when I do get most of the heads is in the thousands. I find it amazing that these plants are so expensive to buy in the garden centres because they are so easy to propagate. In this garden you are looking up at them from underneath so you get the full benefit of the flowers. Along the back fence you can see a row of bella donna lilies that my daughter dug out. This is the first year they have had good leaves so I am hoping next spring they will have a mass of flowers on them. They are sometimes called naked ladies as the flowers come before the leaves. and if you look carefully you will see some of the hydrangeas that I have just cut back. I put several hydrangeas at the top of the bank in the hope that in future years, as they bush out, I won't have so much weeding to do. Jane Dunnewold says the flowers are lovely in heat press botanicals so I will be eagerly awaiting them to flower this year.