30. Aug, 2021

Stitching plan for Mindmap Collage

It was a very interesting process. I started with Covid as the primary work in the mindmap, decided to follow the garden lines in the mindmap and went to look for fabrics. The first piece I saw was the monarch butterfly scrap with the word Hope which sort of tied in with the surviving Covid idea. It also set the colour path - I seldom work in orange but I found some orange and other bits and played around to come up with this layout. The piece at the tops has scroll writing that says A prayer in a Garden. The silver bit at the bottom right of the picture is an old chenille making stencil my Mum had and it was sitting there in the drawer so I thought I might try and use that too. The garden fork will be outlined stitched through tissue. Now I just need to do the stitch work but I have been fascinated by the process. I originally thought I would work in faded cottons for a vintage look but the butterfly tying back to the photo a couple of days ago changed that perception.