29. Aug, 2021

Mindmaps as a starting point to Design

This fortnight's workshop in Stitch Club is with Ali Fergusson and begins by using mindmaps as a starting point for the stitching design. I really like Ali's way of presentation and she was quite right the starting point may be a long way from what you end up deciding to work on. We are back in level 4 lockdown in NZ so I decided to make my mindmap on covid. It has been at the forefront of my mind as we have 3 older acquaintances who live alone and who need checking on to make sure they are OK and have enough groceries for their needs. One of these, Owen, has ended up with a recurrent bout of pneumonia and what a rigmarole to get his to a doctor and finally readmitted to hospital where he can be looked after and monitored. Because I am not one of his family members, he is a bachelor and his sister lives in a different city, so why am I breaking my "bubble" and bringing him to the medical check point. Was I supposed to leave him to die alone in his house? Anyway back to the mind map and how it panned out. I think I will use the garden section (bottom left) to inform my stitching. The viewer of the end piece may not have any idea of the story behind the piece as it is a textile collage but at least it gives me a starting place to ponder and develop. I am always interested in how different textile artists begin their design process and of course there are other areas of the mindmap that could be developed for other collage pieces.