26. Aug, 2021

Another Square completed in my White on White mentor/heroes Crazy Quilt

Just three more to go now and that includes redoing the two I misplaced ages ago. This square is my great grandmother - and I was terrified of her as a child but she taught me the first rudiments of needlework so she really needed to be part of this memorial. My Mum was a solo Mum when it wasn't the in thing to be. Mum worked on the old manual telephone exchange and sometimes was on night shift so I would have to stay with Nana. She would give me all her left over embroidery threads. She also took care of her youngest daughter who was partially handicapped - no state aid in those days. She lived to be 94 and on her 90th birthday could still do the highland fling. Most of these squares have some little thing that is apparent to only me. In this square there is a key at the bottom left. Nana always locked the back door at night and, as a six year old, I couldn't get the old lock to unlock in the morning so I would jump out the bedroom window and run home as soon as it was daylight.