22. Aug, 2021

Where There's a Will, there's a Way

The last couple of days have been watery Spring sunshine and such a delight to be outside in. During the winter we lost a very old rhododendron and the trunk snapped off in a storm leaving a large spike sticking up that, if someone fell on it, they could impale themselves. Not the sort of thing you want to have on the front lawn. We had tried removing it with drag chains and tried to decimate the stump with an axe but it was so old and hard we made no impression. I got the idea - since the truck was dead and dry - of building a fire pit with bricks around it and burning it out. Here it is late yesterday - we had to feed the fire to keep it going and it burnt most of the night but today we no longer have a sharp stump there. The white bits in the lawn are where I have applied lime. It has been such a wet and miserable winter that moss was trying to take over so I have been gradually getting all the mossy patches top dressed with lime to change the PH so the grass will come away with the longer, warmer days. I also managed to dig over half the vegetable garden. The next phase will be to take off the winter covers on that half of the garden and give it a good weed. My knee is not enjoying this additional exercise so I will have to pace myself to get on top of the garden before the rampant spring growth takes over.