19. Aug, 2021

Back in lockdown

We are back in lockdown so I am trying to work on unfinished projects. This Egyptian theme experimental quilt has been on my design wall for several years. I started it to experiment with my (then) new inktense pencils. The background fabric was white on white and too intense for the images I coloured. So I have used some of my thickened dyes from homemade oak ink to give the background a subtle colour uptake. If you look carefully you can still see the original tiny flower design that has resisted both the inktense and the thickened dye. I have started to quilt the background using my favourite figure of eight pattern in a variegated gold, white and dark brown thread. What a difference this has made. I will try and do a bit of gold leaf and then this piece will be offset within some pieced work using a template tool purchased at a craft fair about the same time that I started this project. I will then outline quilt the image and the blocks. good to feel enthusiastic about getting back to this orphan piece