10. Aug, 2021

Making Art From Trash

Stitchclub this past fortnight has focused on a workshop from Maria Thomas (UK) and creating stitchery from found objects and trash. I had this lovely scrap of Sanderson linen someone had given me and decided to use that as my base. I applied 4 toffee wrappers with textured yarn on top, sandwiched in organza and free machine stitched. On top of these I placed a flattened bottle top with a semi shisha type attachment. I boro stitched between the wrappers. In the autumn I had stitched some gingko leaves between organza and I added these attaching them with small gold seed beads. I added some other beads in the centre of some flowers The strip along the left hand side is teabags free machine stitched under scraps of tulle. The silver strips are foil coffee bags and the recyclable 100% came off a NZ Post bag. Some old coat buttons have been added to give emphasis to the words. I haven't decide how to finish the edges yet.