9. Aug, 2021

My First Hoffman Entry

This is my first Hoffman Challenge Entry and the only one that hasn't made it to the travelling collection. I called it "Carrion"" The pinions are made from the surfboards on the fabric, the body is confetti made fabric. This quilt was rejected for non compliant hanging but the convenor never gave me any reason. The following year the convenor changed and she made me aware of things I needed to do to be compliant so for the last 3 years my challenge has been in the travelling collection. 2021 is currently being juried. For those who are not familiar with the Hoffman challenge in NZ, the quilt must include enough of the challenge fabric to be recognised, the quilt must fit within a metre square but cannot be either square or rectangular. It is a bit of a different concept and for me the challenge is as much about the design within the parameters as it is about the competition itself