27. Jul, 2021

We All Have Them

Sometimes we find a project is one that nothing goes right in. I started this wall hanging several years ago and from day one there seemed to be problems. some of the pattern pieces had not been reversed for applique so my lilies were not quite in the right directing, I pieced the background and then misplaced it and it has been sitting draped over the back of the chair in my sewing room for quite a while waiting for me to get enough enthusiasm to complete it. I think it is also a hang over from my days of the saboteur - a belief that if it isn't finished it can't be criticised. Anyway yesterday, it was wet and miserable so I decided to have a go at quilting it. You know the saying - its not a quilt till its quilted - that rang very true and as I quilted the flower and leaf shapes the quilt seemed to come to life. It is still on my machine in the picture above and there is still quite a way to go but I think I will finish it this time. The dimension that the quilting has added has totally changed the wall hanging. I will post a photo of the finished piece when I am done