26. Jul, 2021

As Bleak as Winter

I took this photo a while back when we were on our travels up North but it sort of encapsulates the feel of winter and its sombreness. We had a glorious day on Saturday and I was out pruning my roses and cutting back some stuff. I worked Sunday and today has regressed to a wet and wintry day, much like the greyness above. I have retreated to my sewing room and am trying - with some frustration - to quilt a UFO that was put together several years ago. We are trying to sell our beach house in one location and purchase in another so that is a time consuming thing also. The new place will be much closer to home base and will free up some capital for other needs. It will also give my husband a base for his fishing adventures. The property we have put a tender in on is very overgrown at the back so there will be lots to do there and less time for art in the short term but i do hope to set up a bit of a studio space down there in the back sun porch so that I can continue to create while Rob is fishing.