12. Jul, 2021

Still Experimenting with the Heat Press and Botanicals

I continue to work on trialling things with the heat press even though flowers and some leaves are not abundant here in the winter. I am still not getting good prints on cotton so this continues to be part of my focus. Here I have used liquidambar leaves from the freezer, orange abutilon, rimu, miro and a barely discernible ivy leaf. The paper fabric was just misted and then the 130 gsm watercolour paper placed dry on top. If you look carefully you will see they are the mirror image of each other. The paper is making a much clearer print despite tannin and mordanting of the cotton. The foliage was dipped in ferrous sulphate. The next thing to try will be to introduce some thermofax resist to the paper version and then try some thickened natural dyes to introduce a background texture. I love it when I can incorporate several techniques in one piece. These were heat pressed for two 3 1/2 minute bursts with the top felts being spritzed in between heating Heat press set at 175 . I wasn't sure how to determine if my heat press is in centigrade or Fahrenheit and 175 centigrade is equivalent to 350 degrees Fahrenheit so I put a meat thermometer with both readings i=into the press and discovered my press is in centrgrade so some things have been pressed at too high a setting - lucky I didn't try any silk as the heat would have disintegrated it.!!