10. Jul, 2021

Sue Stone - Stitchclub Telling a Story

Do you believe in serendipity? I had been thinking about stitching my father's POW interment and this fortnight in stitchclub Sue Stone presented a workshop on telling a story so here is where I have got to. One of the other members said she had used wash away in place of tissue paper so I am trying that here. I always feel I "pull the stitches when removing the tissue paper no matter how carefully I try and protect the paper. The marking tends to come off the washaway I am using (soluble hospital laundry bag) so some of the stitching ends up ad lib. Once the wash away is gone I can go back over parts and add more stitch. I want this to be quite stark and I will stitch the story in text so that the significance of the piece is obvious to the viewer. The watchtower of Stalag X111A is in the background and my Dad in poor state stands holding a board with his POW number on it. I have used a botanical print that was not good for the background fabric to give a muddy feeling. I will try and stitch the watch tower heavier than the figure so that it seems overpowering. I am thinking of using some sort of thermofax/stencil in the background and thickened natural dyes . A work still in the planning and execution process