9. Jul, 2021

Hoffman Challenge 2021

I can't show you the complete entry for this but I have constructed and imaginary underwater art quilt using this Hoffman fabric as the seabed. If you look closely you will see I have quilted the shapes. I have also used some of my Gyotaku fish prints in the construction. finally it is finished and just needs a final press before it goes off to the jury selection. It always takes a lot longer to make a bag for it to travel in, make cloth labels and so the prescribed hanging sleeve than I care to think about but finally all those bits are done and I just need to get a return postage bag to include in my entry. The first year I entered the Hoffman challenge my entry was rejected because I didn't have the prescribed hanging and I still think that is one of the nicest challenges I have done. I am thinking about maybe doing a series of thread painted portraits now based on our Indonesian friends. Having discovered terial magic I think it will be easy to thread paint on treated fabric.