25. Jun, 2021

Eco Printing with the heat Press

If you follow this blog you will know that a little while back I purchased a heat press for botanical printing. I am currently doing Jane Dunnewold's on line Heat Press for success 4 week program but I have been a bit tardy getting underway. So yesterday I bit the bullet and WOW. Plants that you would never get to print in a traditional bundle leave amazing prints. I am using el cheapo watercolour paper for my experiments and I am hooked. Instead of steaming for 90 minutes to 2 hours these prints appear in 3 minutes. I dipped this paper very briefly in ferrous sulphate solution and made my bundle and pressed at 330 for 3 minutes. The botanicals from top left are: pale pink camellia flower, white hellebore, orange abutilon, maiden hair fern, miniature agapanthus (flowering out of season) granny bonnet leaves (the orange ones) purple lauropetulum, and purple osteospernum