9. Jun, 2021

Gwen Hedley Stitchclub workshop

I haven't been so enthused with some of the more recent workshops and after spending 35 hours a week during my course on creativity, I have stepped back a bit and concentrated on things that I had got behind on but this looks like a fun workshop. Here I have taped some recycled linen onto a plastic sheet and using just two colours and a range of sticks, credit cards and bits I have made a range of marks on the cloth starting with black on the left and turquoise on the right and then adding a bit of the opposite colour into the predominant one. I also laminated some scraps of text paper from an old book before I started but they are a bit hard to pic out in this photo. The next stage is to cut up this fabric and rearrange on a background fabric and then over stitch the edges to blurr the boundaries