22. May, 2021

Collecting Leaves to Freeze

Soon the trees will be bare so I collect leaves, especially in the autumn so that I can botanical dye over the winter. Here is a box full of liquidambar - they hardly ever fail, especially those dark red ones, the small green leaf maple which prints like little stars and the red leaf maple which can be wonderful but is sometimes disappointing. There are also some gingko in the bottom right. These don't give colour but can be used as a resist. I have gathered these ones because I want to try making roses from the leaves. I saw a church on google that does this each autumn. I will stitch the leaves between organza to preserve them longer. I have some gingko leaves that are 3 years old now with this method and still look as great as the day I stitched them. I think this method has something to do with the support of the organza and the holes in the leaves allowing them to dry out even better than pressing them between sheets of absorbent paper