19. May, 2021

Saima Kaur Challenge

Folk art is not really in my comfort zone but the presenter for this textile.org stitchclub challenge was so engaging I decided I would have to give it a go. I also used it to try and create the original shape on my Ipad with Adobe sketch. This wasn't very successful as I don't have a stylus and trying to create with a finger is quite difficult if you want to use it to colour spaces as it is very difficult to get lines to join up accurately. I will have to get a stylus and look at installing it to my device. Anyway I got the idea of what I would create and then drew it out on black fabric (freehand) with a polychroma pencil which worked quite well. I was interested in Saima's dialogue about the different palettes used in Western and Eastern handwork so I tried to use mainly warm colours in the execution and used the stitches she recommended primarily a split stitch on lines and a "woven stitch to fill in the wings. this stitch takes a little tack at each side of the outline so that instead of taking thread across the back of the image (as in satin stitch, only the front is solid thread so much less thread is used. I used close seed stitch on the body of the bird and flower. I enjoyed selecting bright colours and stitching this little guy so even though the style is not my preferred way of working, it was a fun exercise. and after all, the reason for joining Stitchclub is to experience new ways and ideas and put me out of my comfort zone. I did use a hoop to do this embroidery so even though the fabric is not "backed" there is virtually no puckering where the stitching is intense