29. Apr, 2021

The Story

I wanted to include the story of the Separation of Rangi and Papa within the quilt. I battled several alternatives but my printer was not being cooperative and time was running out to submit this piece for assessment in my course. I took the bull by the horns and wrote out the words on organza roughly the same colour as the tea bags. I cut this into strips and laminated it onto the teabags with matt gel medium - it is still a bit wet in the photo. I worried that the sharpie might bleed when I put the top layer of gel medium on so I left enough space so that if it really turned to poo I could cut the bottom bit off - insurance policy if you like. I have not tried to do this before and I was surprised at how well it worked so now the story of Maori creation has become part of this quilt itself - sort of nice that it is in my handwriting rather than a commercial font also.