16. Apr, 2021

A Combined Effort

Rob made this beautiful kahikatea vase but as he was finishing it, he caught it and it came off the lathe and smashed into three pieces. I suggested we glue two pieces together and I use copper shim to line the inside of the vase. There was lots of learning in this for me. I hadn't used epoxy before but Rob thought that would be best to glue the shim to the wood as it wouuld give me more wiggle time than contact glue. I stitched a koru design on the shim but it is difficult to see the design. However the texture is still really pleasing and the copper makes it seem like there is a light inside the vase. Rob finished the outside of the vase and burnt the edges before I adhered the copper shim and the burnt edge adds a very nice contrast to both the wood and the shim