11. Apr, 2021

The Beginning of a Messenger Bag

I began this to do as a demonstration at the WSA Exhibition but the venue was quite small for the number of other members who were demonstrating their form of art so I chose to not go ahead. I have started with scoured cotton and placed the cut out pieces in a diluted mix of yellow and purple fabric paint. I was looking to get a more golden brown but I think I overdid the yellow. I left the fabric crumpled up to dry so the paint would concentrate in the hills and the valleys would have less colour. I then ironed the fabric and thermofax printed some motifs onto the pieces. I was intending to demonstrate the application of ephemera and paper napkin patterns using gel medium. Once finished I will coat the pieces with dry as a bone before I stitch the bag together. I am concentrating on finishing a few projects for my level 5 Art and Creativity Assessment that have to be in by the end of the month so not too sure how far I will get with this.