29. Mar, 2021

Setting Up an Art Display for the New Zealand Shearing Champs

I have been given this area in front of the mock up shed shearing stand to display some of my work during the upcoming Te Kuiti Muster and New Zealand Shearing Champs. I think the eco dyed silk scarves will need to be displayed differently - they are just in packets under the window at the moment but I need to find out what display stands are available. There needs to be some signage added. There are a couple of framed Gyotaku kahawai fish prints further along the left hand wall. Usually there is a life sized sheep that I made from an old mannequin frame that sits where the shearing handpiece is. People can have their photo taken with it. The Museum Society have borrowed it for the down town promotions. We have had the mannequin for a few years and he is starting to get a bit tatty so after this I will probably have to redo his face.