22. Mar, 2021

Jette Clover Textile.org Challenge

I was fascinated in how Jette starts her small embroidery pieces. They are based on a stamp which represents communication both directly and from time going back. We don't get too many stamps on mail these days of digital and automated franking so I was at an impasse to begin with until I thought of buying some inexpensive collectors stamps off Trademe. Here I am trying out fabric scraps and the stamps and I have included a burnt teabag leaf. I think it needs something more vertical on the left hand side. Once I am happy with the composition I will use this piece as an evening stitch exercise so I don't fall asleep in front of the TV. The piece is just 8 inches (200mm) square and has a combination of lace, velvet, a very old towel, sheers and some scraps of my thermofax printing. It is based on a bit of my old drop cloth and you can see some of the paint marks of that in the bottom left. The stitching will introduce another dimension and make me focus on texture and abstraction.