18. Mar, 2021

Working with My Husband

My husband is a wood turner. He had almost finished this lovely kahikatea vase when his gouge caught and the vase flew off the lathe and smashed into three pieces on the floor of his workshop. Initially to help him overcome his disappointment I suggested we glue the two back pieces together and I would do something inside the vase as a focal point. I suggested he burn the edges and finish off the rest of the vase. Now I have stitched the copper shim and am molding it inside the vase. I am not quite sure how is will attach it yet but I will have to find some more shim to line the base. although the koru design is not well defined inside the vase the texture created by the stitching looks great and the way the light captures the copper is well worth the experiment. In wood turning there is a lot of preparatory work in drying and blocking the wood before turning it so having a piece fly off the lather is not just the culmination of the turning but all that preparatory work. Drying can take up to a year and the wood must be waxed to prevent fast drying and cracking in the process. I think we have salvaged this one.