14. Mar, 2021


The end of my course is fast approaching and I need to do a "Marketing" exercise so I had organised with my Daughter to have a display (for sale) in he Buy Kiwimade Store. This is anecodyed 100% silk habotai scarf that I have made. I just did one to start but there will be 12 of these - all individual of course. This one has forest tulip and two sorts of maple leaves on it. The scarf blanks were narrower than I thought they would be but if they don't prove popular I will use them in some sort of art. Coinciding with this - which we have organised for the Te Kuiti Muster is the Waitomo Society of Arts exhibition which I will contribute to and have said I will do a morning as a practicing artist down at the exhibition. I don't often do these sort of things because focusing on sales means I am creating for the selling process rather than on my own creativity and at this stage I am in the fortunate position that I do not need to rely on my art for daily income.