9. Mar, 2021

Next Phase

The shearer is coming along. I am becoming more aware of the importance of direction and opacity of the cheesecloth. The really tricky part is yet to come as there are lots of tonal values of his arms and the sheep in that central part and I have identified a couple of places lower down that need some tweaking. The heavy white down the left hand side is his leg and I will trim that up a bit once the cheesecloth comes off the solid sheeting. Putting the black felt under the sheeting gives a better idea of where I am going. His singlet needs to come down quite a bit more and I will probably just leave his face area as a silhouette in the felt. The shearing machine is done except for a tidy up along the edges but the pva needs to dry completely before I attempt that.. It has been a tricky process but I am moderately pleased with the results and I will have it finished before the Muster. If I have time I would like to attempt maybe a sheep's head and a handpiece in this technique as well as these are icons for the industry.