28. Feb, 2021

Creating Distressed Leaves From Teabags

I had an amazing day at Cutting Edge Textiles making distressed leaves from teabags. I didn't take my machine so I had to hand stitch the veins of the leaves - much quicker with a machine. Then they were burnt using a incense joss stick to give the weathered look. I think these will be great as detritus on my forest floor of the wall hanging I am working on "Fragile Ecology" The teabags were layered with solvy and stitched and then rinsed under warm water to remove the solvy but I think you could just stitch through the teabags without solvy if the leaves fitted on a single teabag. The burning sort of took on a life of its own but the shapes are interesting with the burnt edged. When I retry this I will use a dark thread for the stitching so that the vein lines are more prominent