28. Jan, 2021

Glorious Tuberous Begonias

The tuberous begonias are such a riot of colour and last for ages in the garden. Purchasing the tubers is quite expensive but I have been lucky enough to be able to find some "seedlings" so for the last couple of years I have purchased punnets of six. Over the Summer they do develop tubers which die down in the winter but come up again the next year. They don't require as much water as a lot of other plants and they tolerate shad quite well so they bring a welcome splash of colour at a time of year when a lot of other plants are finished flowering. The spotted leaves in the front are pulmonaria which are more correctly a shad lover and which I am trying to cultivate under some of the trees. They are almost trouble free and with a bit of fertiliser grow in nice round clumps. Their flowers are insignificant but their leaves and form bring light into darker areas of the garden espeically in winter