26. Jan, 2021

Flour Paste Resist

During Jane Dunnewold's lecture series on resists she talked about using flour resist and bleach so here I am with the black fabric pinned on three sides to stabilise stretch and allow for any shrinkage. I mixed up a cup of plain flour and a cup of water and then applied all over the fabric with a large paint brush. Now I will have to wait for this to dry thoroughly and then crackle before i apply the bleach which should run through the cracks in the flour and make a random pattern on the black fabric. I am not sure what colour the base fabric (before dying) the fabric was so it will be interesting to see the effects of this. I am hoping it will be something I can use in my "Separation of Rangi and Papa" - the Maori story of creation. This piece sill form the third panel where Tane pushes his parents apart and lets in the light