18. Jan, 2021

The Eucalyptus Cinera (silver dollar gum) samples

The columns indicate the fabric. Wool, silk (protein fibres) linen, cotton (cellulose fibres). The top row shows the original fabrics and the second row ishows them after dying in the cinera dyepot. I boiled the leaves for 45 minutes, removed the leaves, added the fabric samples and simmered the fabric for 45 minutes. The spots are where I must have had some iron on the bench or the paper towel the samples were drying on has allowed some iton leaks to occurr. The thrid row shows an after dyed dip in aluminium potion. The next row has an after dip in home made iron potion the bottom row on the left hand page is with an after dye dip of copper potion and the row on the right is an after dye dip using ferrous suplhate solution. I did think that the iron and ferrous sulphate would have been much more similar but the ferrous sulphate is obviously more controlled and weaker than the home made rusty nails and white vinegar potion. I am wondering what the eco prints would be like with the iron blanket and I have just noted on an online video that paper towel is not a recommended iron blanket for cotton fabrics which is interesting as that has been my primary blanket while doing the month by month samples. maybe i will try and do som using water colour paper or a transfer fabric.