17. Jan, 2021

Linda Kemshall's Concertina sketchbook with a constant

The theme of this little book is a walk around my garden. I have created the concertina Z fold by joining pages of a heavy weight sketchbook together. I think I should have used water colour paper but we will see how I get on. Linda's premise is to stat with a constant across the length of the book and have each page disappearing into the next for interest. I have begun with some leaves of the laurapetulum nigra which I have been using for eco printing lately. This flows into a length of ivy (hedera) which I use as a ground cover in some places but have to rigorously control. You can see the ivy disappearing off the page on the right hand side. The constant has been created with water colours and the drawings are being layered on top with polychroma pencils which I really love. For me tis is as much about experimenting with the layering of media types as it is about the actual images. I have been working on this in the evenings as it doesn't take too much concentration or effort