29. Dec, 2020

Liquidambar print in Dec

Liquidambar never fails to give a good print but the changes are also very obvious. The leaves are relatively small when they first come out and if you scroll back down to the Oct/Nov posts you will see they are bright yellow - almost with a touch of lime. Here the yellow is now mellowed to a golden yellow - a hint of what is to come as Autumn approaches. Last month I posted an example of Spring and autumn prints which was quite dramatic. The change obviously doesn't happen suddenly as this print shows. This month by month eco sampling journal has been a very interesting journey. I had a lot of problems with iak leaves and I thought they would be full of tannin and print well. Young oak leaves do print well but as the leaves mature it seems harder to get good prints. All my samples have been on cotton - I am almost tempted to start a new series when I get to March (the beginning month of this journey and work with silk samples to see the difference.