27. Dec, 2020

Christmas is a Great Time to Think about momigami

With all that Christmas wrap around it is a great time to think about momigami as a way to use some of the wrap in mixed media art. The photo looks like I have must glued down some random pieces of paper but in fact I have crumpled the paper and worked it quite extensively before smoothing it out and applying to part of an old drop sheet with gel medium. The crinkling helps to break up the fibres and strengthen tha paper. I intend now to do a bit of woIndian woodblock stamping/stenciling on part of this and then free machine where the grey organza pieces have been attached. You can stll see some of the drop cloth on the right had side. So while it is just a series f blocks at the moment I am sure it will look quite different once it is done. Inspiration for this came from Cas Holmes book of "Using the Found Object in Textile Art"