21. Dec, 2020

Stitch club Mary Pattulio Workshop

This challenge was to create a hand collaged and stitched Robin but as we don't have robins (at least not the robin redbreast kind) in New Zealand I decided to do a fantail. The idea is to make the collage from small snippets of fabric looking closely at the colour changes of actual bird photos. This is stitched to a light coloured background using tiny stab stitches to hold the snipped in place before doing some embroidery to add the details. I am using the end of a piece of fabric used for thermofax experiments. Not sure if I will add more than the bird at this stage. many of the small fabric pieces are still held in place with pins but I will gradually get the pieces held by stitch. Not too sure if I am really happy with the tail but I think it will be OK once I get some stitch enhancement on it. all edges are raw in this process which is always a challenge for me.