11. Dec, 2020

Enforced layup Can have advantages

Recuperation can have its advantages. I have made paper based handmade journals but never quite got around to working out the signatures for fabric based journals. with the pages for Brown is Beautiful growing in number I am aware that some of the pages are only a half page spread for the A5 size journal so I decided to pull out the fabric experimentations I did back in 2015-17 that I intended to make into a journal but didn't quite get there. Many of these pages are in the 2015 Journal or 2017 journal pages on this web. I have decided to joint these pages (that are A4_ with cotton tape and insert them into a cover I made at the time from a recycled book. This process means the spine is enclosed in the book itself without Coptic or other stitches on the spine. I think I didn't know what to use for the signatures joiner at the time but now I have lots of strong, lightweight acrylic composite that will be ideal. The signatures will be stitched onto the centre of the acrylic and this will be glued inside the book and the inside covers will have something glued over the top of that so that the acrylic will be invisible as a holding agent. First up is stitching the signature halves to the cotton tape. I do have to admit it has been fun to revisit some of the techniques I was experimenting with when I made these pages.