27. Nov, 2020

The Kaleidoscope Plant

I am organising getting my art work ready to go to an exhibition in Lower Hutt so not much new creative stuff happening here. I am also trying to get things done in the garden as 6 weeks post surgery I will not be able to do a lot. I have some really interesting specimens in the garden. This kaliedoscope plant has amazing patterned large leaves but the most interesting thing is the flowers ( which you can see in the photo) are under the leaves. I am not quite sure how they encourage pollination but they are often a bit difficult to see. I have sort taken this at a strange camera angle to try and get both the leaves and the flower in. It is late spring/early summer here in New Zealand so I am also trying to get mulch onto the garden to help keep moisture in over the Summer - they have been very dry over the last few years and of course after Tuesday I won't be able to do anything like that.