16. Nov, 2020

The Forerunner of Forgotten Memories Broken Dreams

In 2017 I made this little recycle quilt which was really what started me thinking about the deserted homesteads etc. This was an early foray into using recycled materials and using weaving as a background focus with ragged edges. I called this little quilt Dichotomies because so much of the contrasts in concept were at opposite ends of the continuum. The old cottage is printed on the reverse of a foil couscous packet and this sort of cuisine would have been totally foreign to the dwellers of the cottage - even convenience packaged food was probably not an option. The circular doily is contrasted with the satin of the old table napkin. The edges of this are straight and finished in contrast to the edges of the denim strips and even the use of workaday denim and shiny satin are opposites. The korus also are stitched from plastic bread bags and the two diamonds on the top right are bubble wrap with textured yarn and some sort of packaging so texturally contrasting to the stitched button on the vertical below. The soft edge korus contrast also with those hard edged stitch buttons and both of these circular designs seem to "spin". This is only a small quilt but there was a lot of thought that went into its construction and the seemingly random elements that it contains. Having made this quilt I went back to thread painting and more traditional practices. Stitchclub has rebounded me back to this era with lots of the practitioners using recycled materials and stitching on other than fabric. Life is like a spiral and often our development takes these roundabout ways