15. Nov, 2020

Close up of the Woolshed and Machine Stitching

It always amazes me how much each phase of the process alters the whole piece. I just have the old homestead from The West coast and the tree behind it to do now and this piece will be finished. Because it . Because this piece represents the passing of an era I have also written a poem that i will attach to the back of the quilt. You can read the poem on my poem page as it is too difficult post it clearly on the blog. In 1988 I was studying sociology at Massy University as an extra ural student. My tutor, Steve Maharey was the first to talk about the corporatisation of the Family Farm. Now some 30 plus years later we see the aftermath of small homesteads, deserted and decaying in the rural scene. maybe I am overly nostalgic but the winds of inexorable change that brought this change to these families have some sort of similarity with Covid as the individuals have no opportunity to stand against the change that is so much larger than them.