11. Nov, 2020

Just a Little enhancement

I have used inktense pencil to enhance the basic shapes of the fish. The fabric was only printed on one half of the length so I have added ferrous sulphate blobs (they react with the tannin in the fabric) to get the exact hue of the purple and then used ink tense again to introduce the golden blobs so the background is consistent right across the piece now. From a disappointing eco print it has created a composition that is pleasing in colour and composition. I probably would not have deliberately chosen to work across a piece that has this horizontal emphasis (Long and thin) but it suits the subject, Now it is ready to be quilted or stitched to further embellish it. I will most probably flatten the area around the fish with stitch so that the fish appear raised from the surface. I am please at how some fish have easily identified scales and others, like the bottom one in this photo, are plainer which gives a feeling of depth. For this same reason some of the fish have been printed going off the fabric and others - like the head of the one to the extreme right - are shown disappearing behind the tail of the one in front. Kahawai are a school fish and usually travel in groups.