31. Oct, 2020

Adding in the laminated foliage

To integrate the photos I am now laminating floral cut outs from single layer paper napkins and using gel medium to apply them. It is easier to cut the pieces out of the double or triple layer paper and then peel back to the single printed layer. Gel medium is applied where the piece is to go and then more gel medium is applied over the top. The images blend into the background. Once they get wet from the gel, they are very fragile and cannot be moved other than scraped off and replaced. I have sort of worked on having more flowers around the old houses as most probably these would originally have had some sort of flower garden. The woolsheds are mainly surrounded by foliage. I have put butterflies above this layer to represent the fleeting and spiritual meaning of life. In many religions the butterfly is a symbol of endurance, change hope and life. In Christian belief it is connected to the resurrection. While my focus is to mourn the passing of the family farm and a way of life, I did not want it all to be too dismal so the introduction of rebirth and hope for the families who have left these habitations remains.