26. Oct, 2020

Printing Play

We got these small metal wall art of NZ birds int the shop and I was keen to see if could print from them. We have had the large ones for some time but they are too expensive for me to play with them like this. I inked up the gelatin plate and then placed the metal art of the keruru (wood pigoen) on the gelatin plate. This print has been made directly from the metal wall art onto an old book. I am hoping to get some time this week to play with resists and printing from Jane Dunnewold's on line lecture last week. My plans also include maybe trying to make India Flint's no pattern clothes and a concrete witch for Halloween so now my garden is pretty much up to speed I can play a bit and work on these other to dos. I have almost finished the Sabine Kaner slow stitch recycle applique so I will be ready to start something different in the evenings