19. Oct, 2020

I am Definitely Not a Purist

Recently I purchased a bolt of poly cotton - I think it was probably curtain lining - from an on line auction so i was keen to see what the difference was between cotton and polycotton when eco dying. The recommendation is to use only 100% natural fibres. I scoured and mordanted a length of cotton and the polycotton at the same time and the prints are almost identical. What is more I have great prints from young oak leaves as shown above - the leaves in this print is still attached to the stem. In the past I have had problems with getting good oak leaf prints. The assumption here is that the young oak leaves have more tannin in them to make them bitter and less attractive to insect consumption. As the leaves mature and harden the insects do not find the leaf fibre so moorish so the tannin levels reduce in mid summer and therefore the prints attained are less precise. I will continue to monitor month by month to see how the leaf prints change with the seasonal calendar. I already notice that these Spring prints have much more yellow and green present than the golden prints of autumn leaves