16. Oct, 2020

A Way to Begin an Abstract Art work

I always find trying to create in abstract a difficult process but this week in Sabine Kramer's workshop from Textile Art.org, I was introduced to a simple and effective way to create an abstract construct to begin stitching. Simply take a piece of paper the size of the piece you want to work and crumple the paper. Smooth it out and then trace over as many of the fold lines as you think you might want to work on. This becomes the pattern to trace onto the fabric. I used an A4 sheet and this is probably too complex but I will modify it as i go. some shapes are appliqued and some shapes are stitched. It reminds me a bit of crazy patchwork. You can trace over the more complex shapes and cut them out as a template. Incidentally textile.org is opening for new members soon so it you are interested in their subscription based approach to pushing boundaries check them out. I have found some wonderful techniques to add to my repertoire. There are two extended on lineworkshops per month with different artists. I try to do all the workshops even when I do not think the technique will be ongoing for me. My focus is to push my boundaries. it also introduces me to amazing textile artists that I am not aware of and reinforces the fact that textile art is just as authentic as any other artform.