14. Oct, 2020

Panel 1 of Transitions finally Finished

This panel is finally complete. It was so nice to find some time to just sit and machine. This fabric is made from the inner foil of coffee bags with some sequin fabric scraps and textured yarn sandwiched under black organza. The sequined scraps presented some issues as the machine needle didn't like going through the sequins and skipped stitches at times. Whenever I start to create a large area of machine quilted figure of eight scribble stitch I wonder what I am thinking of but the end result is always such a joy that I keep repeating that function. Originally my idea was to create five panels related to transition - in this case the transition from discarded packaging to a great piece of fabric. The next panel is to concentrate on teabag recycling again. Now I am thinking I might turn this piece into the sky in a representation of the Maori legend of Tane separating Ranginui - the sky god and Papatuanuku the earth mother. I had thought about this construct for some time but didn't have any specific idea of how I would present this. This "sky" fabric presents me with another opportunity. It would be away from the abstraction of representation but I could practice painting with thickened dyes in the figure of Tane which would help me decide if I want to use that technique in my Crosshouse Quilt