4. Oct, 2020

Westport Waves

While we were away there was a weather bomb. Two days later the Tasman Sea was still a seething mass of white foam and pounding surf. I have a fascination with the sea and have so admired the textile art of Amanda Robertson and Alison Holt, both UK textile artists, who have done some amazing textile pieces on seascapes. alison works in quite small scale and free machine embroidery while Amanda's pieces are much larger and predominantly self dyed silk collage. Capturing the froth and movement of the waves in stitch is somewhat problematic but I have a wealth of photos to draw inspiration from now. So much nicer to have my own photos so I cannot be accused of copyright infringements. And I have learnt so much about my camera over the last few days. I struggled with F stops and ISO for quite a while but now it is mainly shutter speed that I will need to work on if I want a specialised effect