14. Sep, 2020

Shell Print on Silk

I was a bit disappointed with this print on silk but I learnt a lot in the process. Fina scalpel marks that designated the texture on the shell did not print. I think this is because after cutting out you apply two thin coats of acrylic varnish so that the ink can be wiped off the surface after inking up. I think I applied the varnish too thickly and this covered the fine scalpel line meaning the ink did not sit in the cuts well enough to print. Even some of the cut lines are not as clearly defined as I would have liked so maybe I also cleared away too much surface ink from the intaglio process. Still not a bad attempt first up. Unfortunately because it was a workshop I didn't have time to try a second print. I do not have a press but I did acquire an old hand operated wringer washing machine wringer so maybe i will have to set that up and have a go at a reprint with that. I need to get some acrylic varnish so I can have a go at printing the fantail too.