7. Sep, 2020

Panel1 - A new piece of work - Transitions

This is the beginning of a new piece of work that will probably be a series exploring textile surfaces. The piece will have 5 panels ranging in colour from silver to fawn to rust then blue and black. You can see this first piece under the machine here. This first series is primarily focused on recycled or reused materials. This panel is made of foil coffee packets overlaid with a scrap of sequin fabric salvaged from a friend's throwouts and textured threads. It has an organza oversheet to hold everything together and I am stitching it with a neutral shade of thread in my commonly used figure of 8 scribble stitch. It looks very reptilian and this process would make a great crocodile or fish. I am calling this work Transitions because it is changing the materials I am working on, transitioning between each panel and it is also a transition for me to work in a more abstract manner rather than representational. It is exciting and challenging