6. Sep, 2020

Spring is Here

Covid makes no difference to the seasons and Spring is here. In Brooke Park where I often ramble with my dog the lambs are in abundance. We farmed for 30 years and yet I have so few photos of everyday farming life such as this Mumma ewe and her baby. At some stage I would like to do a rural NZ series so I have started collecting appropriate photos as reference. The great thing is I have learnt to use my digital DSLR camera and am no longer afraid of playing with the manual settings. I even went to one of my grandchildren's drama performances and managed to get some great shots just by adjusting the ISO and aperture settings. I did run them through photoshop to increase the light a bit - I was sitting in a dark auditorium looking at a bright stage - but the photos are crisp and clear. My tutor on my art course is primarily a photography tutor and he has been keeping me honest as to playing with the camera and with shots like this one it has been worth all the angst. I purchased this camera with the view of going to India but Covid has sort of put paid to that but if I ever do get to go I will be well experienced with the camera by then.