13. Aug, 2020

Back to the Eco Printed Teabags

Following on from Gregory Wilkins inspiringworkshop nd Q & a where he energetically inspires to embrace your whoopsies I have come back to this teabag on cotton fabric which is laminated with gel medium. I think it could be the gel medium that resisted the uptake of the leaf prints. I am going to try another piece in a similar vein but stitch the leaves onto net and then eco dye to see if they take up the prints better than this one has. I have stitched around the leaves and then randomly machine quilted in the spaces with brown thread. I am thinking that this pieces will become a 3 D vessel and I will place a frieze of machine lace winter trees around the base. I am waiting for my super solvy to arrive to create this. The worst part of living in the regions is that anything that is slightly specialised has to be mail ordered and then there is the wait.